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    Toy Percussion

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    69 Toy Drum Sounds

    I've decided to release a weekly (or bi-weekly, or basically whenever I can be fucked to do it) sample pack made from weird or at the very least slightly novel objects. If you have any suggestions or requests for things to sample, send me a DM on Instagram!

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    The point of this series is mostly just to have a bit of fun and to kill some time but also it helps demonstrate that you can make sounds out of literally anything.

    For the 1st sample pack in this series I thought I'd make use of my childhood instruments - they're like 25+ years old at least and have been gathering dust for the majority of that time., so I thought I should put them to good use. For an added bonus, I recorded these with my phone - mostly just to demonstrate that you can make phat sounds out of anything.
    There are 2 sets of folders. 1 being the unprocessed, poorly recorded sounds and the other being 69 processed samples that still sound sorta shit but could be fun to play around with.

    Hear From The Community

    Easily one of the most creative sample packs I’ve come across

    A lot of packs I buy end up being shelved for super occasional use but the samples and presets that are packed in here are so unique and cool that I already find myself coming back and sussing it regularly to find inspiration or to help make parts of my productions more unique and outside my usual producer tunnel vision. I'm super glad I picked this up.

    a veritable goldmine for inspiration. loved all packs and updates so far! having so much fun experimenting. one of my best investments

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