Ableton Custom Drum Kit Tool
Sounds Like You

Ableton Custom Drum Kit Tool

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Create Your Own Unique Drums

Never use a sample again!

(except ours)

This tool has 5 different Ableton Operator Presets that allow you to fully customise your drums to sound exactly the way you want them.


  • Kick Preset
  • Hi-Hat Preset
  • Snare Preset
  • Clap Preset
  • Tom Preset

Create the perfect 808 Kick or 909 Hi-Hat. Layer the sounds to create truly unique sounds that fit perfectly in the mix.

All presets are easily customisable with Macro parameters and can even be loaded straight into a drum rack, making it easier than ever to make distinctive and exclusive sounds to Sound Like You

*These presets are only compatible with Ableton Live Suite 9.5 and above*