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The Best Sample Pack Bundle of 2022


Looking for a quick injection of inspiration for your tracks? We’ve got you.


Our Essential Bundle is a huge collection of 3,675+ samples, presets, and MIDI files for almost every genre and style you could ever want - and it's on sale for £29.99. Meaning you save 70% (normally £107).


The Essential Bundle is easily the most creative sample pack bundle of 2022 and has been designed to instantly inspire and push your creativity to the max.


There is a good mix of your more traditional sample pack sounds but with loads of glitchy, atypical samples too.


It’s perfect for producers of all skill levels - from beginners all the way to the pros.


What's in the Bundle

  • Granular - 650+ Samples (Valued at £19.99)
  • Hades - 1,100+ Samples & Presets (Valued at £19.99)
  • Apollo - 850+ Samples & Presets (Valued at £19.99)
  • Flow - 150 Sounds (Valued at £9.99)
  • Infinity - 150 Sounds (Valued at £9.99)
  • Midnight - 150 Sounds (Valued at £9.99)
  • Glitched - 300 Sounds (Valued at £9.99)
  • Vital - 50 Presets (Valued at £7.99)
  • Black - 175 Samples & Presets (Exclusive to this bundle)


Check out the demos here.


It comes with over 3,675+ samples, presets & MIDI files from 8 sample packs (plus 1 exclusive sample pack, making it 9 in total), which is more than enough to fuel your creativity for months! 


To top it off you also get lifetime free updates. So whenever there are more sample packs added to the bundle you get them at no extra cost. For reference, this bundle originally started out with about 1,700 sounds when it was first released if that gives you any idea of it’s value for money.


If you're just starting out in music production, this is an awesome place to start. If you're more experienced, these sound packs will give you tons of ideas for your next track!


You can buy the Essential Bundle here.

Lifetime Free Updates

100% Royalty-Free

Instant Inspiration
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