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Where To Get Professional Visuals For Your Music

One of the biggest struggles I face when releasing music, sample pack demos or content online is finding quality visuals to go alongside my music. 

I used to spend so many hours searching the internet for visuals that matched the theme of the music and so often I would come up short. Ideally, I would commission someone to make these visuals for me - but money isn't always abundant, and sometimes, for a short 1 minute Instagram video, you don't want to have much (if anything at all) to spend.

So with that being said, I have compiled a comprehensive list of my favourite sources for visuals - both images and video.




 You've probably seen these visuals in my Instagram ads, well here is the pack -

There's also another one called Gravity and Gravity v2 by the same people at Motion Media Group that I highly recommend.

Gloop - Visual Pack

Made by yours truly.

This pack contains 25 abstract 3D animations in stunning 4K resolution. It is compatible with every professional video editing software on the market and comes with an additional 35 images that are also compatible with all photo editing software. Simply drag and drop, no extra plugins required.

Click here for more info.

Envato Elements

*Website: Click Here


Envato is also another huge resource for cool visuals and images, but it also offers After Effects and Premiere Pro templates as well - so if you have either of those programs you can customise your videos so much more. 

Envato Elements is the subscription version of Envato Market (VideoHive), so you can download a virtually unlimited number of assets, be that video, images, templates, fonts, effects and literally soooo much more.  I highly recommend getting this subscription if you want to smash out unique content on the regular.

Ezra Cohen



Ezra is one of my favourite sources to go to for visuals - his work features heavily in my original Sounds Like You series demos. After seeing the success he has had with his content, he is also one of the people that inspired me to start sharing my samples online.

His packs are very reasonably priced in my opinion and he even has a training program you can purchase if you'd like to learn how to make your own - surprisingly it isn't too difficult.

Stephen McFarlane 



Steven is another favourite of mine - I stumbled upon his stuff through his Instagram and I have been hooked ever since. His stuff is also very reasonably priced, in fact, I think his packs are slightly cheaper than Ezra's.

His work is super glitchy and chaotic - so perfect for most electronic dance music sub-genres.

Dan Stevers



I only recently came across this guys work, but oh my, it is so very good. SO very good, indeed. His stuff has a very Christian focus, with his main niche being Church motion graphics. But there is still so much good content on this guy's site that can be used for your music - like the above video. 

I highly recommend you take the time to browse through this guys library, there is some truly amazing footage in there.


*Website: Click here

You've probably heard of Canva before - it's a free tool that you can use to design Instagram images, album artwork and soooo much more! Considering it's free to use, it is insanely feature-packed - if you're not already using it, I would jump on it ASAP!

They also have a premium version where you can upload videos, create animation and gain access to a massive library of elements. It's a super-powerful site and you can make some really interesting and unique stuff with it.



Unsplash has an enormous library of completely free, insanely high-quality, royalty-free images.

So if you are ever looking for free images to use with your album artwork, or to upload to the gram, or even to chuck in your videos - this is the place to go.

Too Much Lag

Website: Click here


I stumbled upon this guy's Instagram account not too long ago and was super impressed. His Obsidion pack is insanely good and quite unique compared to a lot of the others on this list. It adds a whole new dimension to your visuals that isn't easily attainable otherwise.


Website: Click Here


This is yet another seriously cool and very simple pack that will add to your visual masterpieces. I haven't had the chance to use this one yet, but am very much looking forward to jumping into this as soon as I can.

Jakub Sobotka



Jakub's Scan Overlays pack is really unique and adds so much flavour to your videos. These are real scan overlays from scribbles, house plans, Chinese letters, and so on.

That's it for now

And that concludes the very comprehensive list of my favourite places to find visuals for my music.

Let me know if you've come across (or you yourself make) cool visuals that you think should be added to this list because I am always on the lookout for new creators and visual sources!

Disclaimer: Some of these sources are affiliate partners (so I earn money when you sign up or purchase a pack) - it's no extra cost for you than it would normally be, but it helps me massively! 

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