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Sexy Drums

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The Ultimate Ableton Drum Tool

Sexy Drums is a tool designed to give you the sexiest sounding drums - from creation to FX.
This tool has 5 different Ableton Operator Presets that allow you to fully customize your drums to sound exactly the way you want them. It also includes a kick EQ, designed to beef up your kick, and a drum boosting FX rack.
Kick Generator
Ji-Hat Generator
Snare Generator
Clap Generator
Tom Generator
Kick EQ
Drum Booster FX Rack

Create the perfect 808 Kick or 909 Hi-Hat. Layer the sounds to create truly unique sounds that fit perfectly in the mix.

Works With Ableton Live 11.2 Suite and above

Hear From The Community

Easily one of the most creative sample packs I’ve come across

A lot of packs I buy end up being shelved for super occasional use but the samples and presets that are packed in here are so unique and cool that I already find myself coming back and sussing it regularly to find inspiration or to help make parts of my productions more unique and outside my usual producer tunnel vision. I'm super glad I picked this up.

a veritable goldmine for inspiration. loved all packs and updates so far! having so much fun experimenting. one of my best investments

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100% Royalty-Free

Instant Inspiration