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The Worst Sample Pack Ever - Volume 2

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*Warning this pack contains 265+ of the worst samples ever*

So as it turns out, people really love bad samples and I'm really not joking when I said I tried to make this one as bad as possible. The original pack was downloaded over 1,000 times within the first few days alone, which blows my mind. I've had sooo many requests for more bad samples and as I'm not one to deprive the people of what they want... I thought I'd make another one.

Now at this stage, you're probably asking yourself - "how can there be 2 packs claiming to be the worst sample pack of all time?" or "which one is really the worst sample pack ever?"

And to be honest.. the first one definitely sucks the most, but only because volume 2 has something like 4x the amount of samples, so it's probably more worth your time.

What's in the Pack?

Volume 2 includes samples taken from a toilet flush, my glasses case, a pair of shoes, a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, an assortment of mixed herbs, a milo tin, deodorant spray, fart noises (made with my mouth as didn't want to risk forcing a fart at the time), tapping on various things, coughing, hayfever tablets, a cheap watch, a light switch and probably a bunch of other stuff, I got a bit carried away.


The idea for the worst sample pack ever came about after listening to a number of top producers, such as Flume, speak about their sound design techniques. I noticed that most of them looked for weird, abstract sounds that would give their music extra character and flair, and as a way to innovate and differentiate themselves from other producers.

So in response to this, I thought I'd make the worst sample pack of all time.

Although I have many packs that attempt to sound like particular artists, the goal of this website is to help you Sound Like You - I want you to have all the tools you need in order to craft your own unique sound, something that will differentiate you from the crowd.

I hope you enjoy these terrible (but free) samples and make some truly good bops with them.

- Man Like You

Hear From The Community

Easily one of the most creative sample packs I’ve come across

A lot of packs I buy end up being shelved for super occasional use but the samples and presets that are packed in here are so unique and cool that I already find myself coming back and sussing it regularly to find inspiration or to help make parts of my productions more unique and outside my usual producer tunnel vision. I'm super glad I picked this up.

a veritable goldmine for inspiration. loved all packs and updates so far! having so much fun experimenting. one of my best investments

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